Dedicated to meeting the temporary emergency needs of individuals in our community

We offer limited assistance in the areas below, in addition to educational and support opportunities.
To learn more, please contact the Benevolent Office Monday – Friday, 9am – 12pm at 573-265-2047.

Food Pantry

Emergency Food Pantry for those with immediate need. Participant receives up to 30 days of healthy food, personal hygiene and cleaning products.


With proper verification, a client may receive $100 toward payment of a utility bill. Funds paid directly to the service provider.


Clients may request assistance paying their rent. Funds paid directly to landlord.


With verification of physician appointment a client may request a voucher for vehicle gas.


With verification from pharmacy, a client may receive assistance with prescriptions other than narcotics.

Commodity Day

Serving 250-300 families monthly with healthy food, personal care and cleaning products.
Distribution scheduled 3rd Thursday each month 7:30 to 9:30 am

To qualify you must provide identification for each household member and a piece of recent mail, verifying St. James school district residency.
Participants must have a permanent address.

baskets of food